Female Empowerment | 2022-2023

14 Sep 2022 - 28 Mar 2023
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Many things shape how we view ourselves when we identify as women. This course is an opportunity to explore the things that have influenced your identity through discussion with others. We will open dialogue around historical and modern-day gender identity, equality, creating healthy boundaries, healthy body image, celebrating our strengths, acknowledging the efforts of our male counterparts and developing a well-rounded perspective on what it means to be a woman today.

Course Objectives
  • Participants will increase their resiliency through understanding societal pressures on gender roles and body image and cultivate healthy boundaries with external expectations.

  • Participants will increase compassion, empathy and tolerance of themselves and others.

  • Participants will increase their understanding of what areas of their life they already feel empowered in, and what areas they feel could use improvement and leave with ideas on how to continue to empower themselves and others.

  • Hope

  • Collaboration

  • Personal Growth & Wellbeing

  • Inclusivity/acceptance

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September 14th, 2022

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March 28th, 2023


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Course Details:

Session Details
Session 1
What it Means to Be a Woman Today

In session one of Female Empowerment, Students will explore the pressures women face regarding body image and being a successful woman. Students will explore what being a successful woman means to them. Lastly, Students will brainstorm ideas for how to stay healthy while challenging the expectations they feel are placed on them.


  • Participants explore the pressures women face in today’s world and are given a chance to define what being a “successful woman” means to them.

    • Participants share ideas for how to create healthy boundaries and stay mentally and physically healthy amidst the expectations placed on how they feel they “should” be.
Session 2
Exploring Our Beliefs and Building Self-Esteem

In Session Two, students will consider how to overcome self-doubt and negative views that are impacting their self-esteem. Also, learned negative personal beliefs will be challenged. Students will learn the 4 C’s to change their problematic thought patterns. Finally,  Students will discuss confidence and bravery as ways of empowerment.


  • Participants will understand how self-doubt and negative views impact their self-esteem.

  • Participants will apply techniques to overcome negative personal beliefs about themselves as women.

  • Participants will understand and apply techniques to change negative thought loops.

  • Participants will create a plan to implement bravery and confidence into their lives.
Session 3
Moving Forward

In Session Three, students will begin by looking at their own wellness and how that can be influenced through self-care. Students will also learn about strategies to help with their own empowerment: setting boundaries, being assertive, building confidence, being unapologetic, and overcoming adversity. At the conclusion of class, students will have time to gather their thoughts about moving forward with their personal empowerment.


  • Participants will analyze their own wellness and how it can be influenced by self-care.

  • Participants will understand how boundary setting, being assertive, building confidence, being unapologetic, and overcoming adversity can impact their own feelings of empowerment.

  • Participants will apply their understanding of the above strategies to implement them into their lives.

  • Participants will consider how these strategies can be used to build up all women to feel more empowered.
Session 4
Graduation and Celebration

In Session Four, students will learn about using empowering language. They will also understand how self-compassion has a role in their own empowerment. Students will work on identifying negative messages and reframing these to positive ones. Finally, Students will engage in activities to help build community and have them look to their future as it involves their own empowerment.


  • Participants will understand how to use empowering language in their own lives.

  • Participants will create a self-care plan based on self-compassion.

  • Participants will apply their understanding of negative messages to turn them into positive ones.

  • Participants will evaluate how empowerment fits into their own future lives.

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