Adulting 101 2022-2023

13 Sep 2022 - 27 Mar 2023
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Often, we are not informed in school on how to navigate the world in regards to things like finances, accessing health care, dating, relationships, balancing work and play, partying and staying safe, managing day-to-day stress, and entering into the workforce. This course will provide an opportunity for students to discuss these topics with each other and the facilitator. Together, we will learn how to navigate the tricky and often overwhelming world of adulthood.

This is a Blended Learning Classroom

We will have students and facilitators both in-person and virtually.

This Class runs on Saskatchewan Time (CST)

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Blended Learning Class
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Blended Learning Class
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Blended Learning Class
VIRTUAL & In-Person

6:30 pm to
8:30 pm

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Course Dates (online in Virtual Classroom):

Session Details
Session 1
What Does Adulting Mean?

In the first session of Adulting 101, we discuss a variety of topics relating to adulthood and increased autonomy. We'll open up the floor to get a picture of what pressures and expectations people are dealing with. We'll discuss the paradox of choice and consider if the way we are interacting with choices has an effect on our wellbeing. We'll talk about the importance of sleep and how to recognize If you need to improve your sleep habits. We'll discuss some tips for getting better sleep. We'll consider the effects that social media might be having on our mental health and brainstorm some ways to improve our social media experience. Students will be reassured that It's normal to feel like they don't have all the answers and that failure tolerance Is an important part of growth.

Week 1 Objectives

  • Students will be given an opportunity to consider and express what pressures they are feeling as they find themselves gaining more autonomy.
  • Students will consider how they approach decisions and If the way they are interacting with choices has an effect on their happiness.
  • Students will understand the importance of sleep and how to get a good night's sleep.
  • Students will consider the effect their social media experiences are having on them.
Session 2

In week two of this course, students will learn about how money can be emotional and gain awareness around their relationship with money. Students will discuss what they already know about managing finances now that they have financial responsibility. We scratch the surface of budgeting and discover our financial goals. Students are also given an opportunity to research various resources where they can continue to gain knowledge around this topic and use their resourcefulness as adults to discover some of the experts around financial health.

Week 2 Objectives

  • Students will display an understanding of how to manage their finances
  • Students will consider their feelings around money, their relationship with money and their beliefs around money.
  • Students will gain knowledge around the community and online resources available to them
Session 3
Healthy Relationships

In week 3 of this course, students will be provided with a safe and open space to discuss relationships and sex. Students will develop an understanding of the components of a healthy relationship and will be able to recognize signs a relationship Is unhealthy or abusive. Students will discuss what healthy dating looks like and be reminded of the Importance of self-love and compassion. We will challenge some social norms by discussing topics like social pressure, the 3 date rule and shame. Students will develop a deep understanding of consent and signs of sex being used in an unhealthy way. We will also explore how the various ways we use technology can affect us.

Note: due to the nature of this topic, it’s important to be trauma aware. let students know if they need a break they are welcome to leave the room and take a breather. Be prepared with your co-facilitator that If someone does leave the room one of you might want to leave the room to see how they are doing and ask If they need any support.

Week 3 Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify examples of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Students will have developed a deep understanding of consent
  • Students will display confidence in their understanding of what healthy dating looks like for them
Session 4
Taking Care of Yourself

In week 4 of this course, students will discuss the different shapes and forms that going out and staying in can take and consider the positive Impact living a balanced life can have on our mental health. We will introduce the principle of harm reduction and students will discover ways in which they are currently using harm reduction in their daily life. We'll discuss drugs and alcohol and how to make conscious decisions around whether or not we want to use them. Lastly, we'll examine what self-care looks like for us as individuals.

Week 4 Objectives

  • Students will think about what all the different forms going out and staying In can take and will consider the importance of living a balanced life.
  • Students will develop a basic understanding of the harm reduction principle.
  • Students will learn how to think critically to examine the costs and benefits of their choices to use substances.
  • Students will become clear about what self-care practices work best for them.

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